Day 13-17, You better Belize it

Jazz man in San Ignacio. San Ignacio’s local pot dealer. The sandy split at Caye Caulker. Don’t litter or you’ll be fed to the sharks. Some local chilled Rastafarian’s posing by the palm tree. Shark Feeding frenzy. Sunset at the split. Being entertained by a couple of crazy cats.

Day 13 Flores/Tikal, Guatemala

Beware the crocodiles. Woodpecker. Green Parrots. The famous Tikal ruins. Gardener. Tikal visitors. The Red Breasted Quetzale bird – the bird of Guatemala. Tucan. Cheeky Monkeys. Mid flight Monkey. Pizote and Oscillated Turkey. Old woman and dolls.

Day 10 & 12 Antigua/Flores, Guatemala

Antigua. Ancient buildings damaged by a large earthquake. Colourful walls. Basket carrying. Butch. Flores. Village Fair Festival. Monkey and Tucans. Butterfly and Squirrel.

Day 9 Pananjachel/Chichicastenango

San Jorge La Laguna Village. Women fetching water. Village church. Homestay Family. Lake Atitlan. 3 Volcanoes. Chichicastenango Sunday markets. Market Florists on the church steps. Smoke worshipping at the church entrance.

Day 8 Panajachel, Guatemala

Panajachel, Guatemala. Sunken houses from the rising lakes. San Jorge La Laguna. Homestay family. Women in the kitchen. Hippie village. Artistic wall murals. Man in Mounring. Spinning cotton. Funeral procession. Treehouse. Dusk in a small village.

Day 6 San Cristobal, Mexico

San Cristobal. Zapitista movement. In the mountains. Sleeping Dog. Locals at the markets. Fruit stands. Dead chickens. Sleeping man selling belts. A heavy load of scarves.

Day 4 Palenque, Mexico

Palenque. More ancient Mayan Ruins. Mist. Small Zapatista village. Crazy waterfalls which we jumped off. Mexican BBQ. Zapatista people. Street sellers. Men carrying baskets. More dreamcatchers. Car stuck in a ditch. Some chickens and a pet dog. Village life.