About Me

I was born and raised in the far corner of the world in gorgeous, green New Zealand, but with travel and photography being my biggest passions in life, I’m hardly ever home. I’ve ticked 55 countries off my bucket list and have no intention of slowing down the pace.

My personal photography portfolio is split into two very distinctly different styles. On one side I have my travel street photography, very National Geographic-esque (or so I dream), with a particular fondness for people from other cultures and walks of life than my own. The other side is more artistic and lends itself to human nature and the mind, with staged set-ups as the outlet of expression.

Photography became an interest of mine when I used it as a tool in highschool to explore my newly-found fascination with quantum physics, time and surrealism and my grumpy yet obliging dear grandad became my model for my 7th form photography art board where I created cut-out mannequins of him in different poses interacting with different objects.

I then went on to study photography at University after a one year travel gap-year before setting up Now Becoming Then in 2010.