An Evening In Downtown L.A.

Arriving at our hotel in downtown L.A. felt great after our flight in. Although we managed to sleep for a chunk of the flight, we still needed some serious downtime, downtown to down some drinks and good food. Oscar headed in after a shower to grab a bottle of wine from a quirky beer and wine shop, with a bar inside called Binge Bar… not quite sure what they are promoting but I guess that’s L.A. for you. We drank our wine and got ready, caught the slowest lift in the world back down to the lobby and asked the attendant where was best to go for food and bars. He suggested between 4th and 7th, and Hill and Broadway but we found it a bit lacking; we found one decent pubbish bar called Beelman’s Pub with the self proclaimed friendliest bouncer in L.A., and then we relied on trusty google to find food. After deciding on an Italian place called Bottega Louie, we wandered over a couple of blocks, and were not disappointed. This place was massive, and packed. There must have been one hundred tables at least. The atmosphere was crazy, electric, and unnervingly efficient. We asked for a seat and were told there would be a twenty minute wait, so we ordered some drinks at the bar.. two minutes later, our table is ready and our waiter Pete serves us and makes sure we have a fantastic evening.

The menu was overwhelmingly good and very hard to choose from, but we eventually settled on the famous portobello mushroom fries served with basil mayo (amazing), Oscar ordered meatball and mozzarella sliders served with fries, and I ordered a braised beef rib eye trenne pasta with parmesan and black kale. The trenne pasta had been fried in a pan after being cooked which meant it had a slightly crispy texture which was divine.

I give the food an 8/10, atmosphere 9/10, and service a perfect 10/10. Our bill came to US$90 which included two beers for Oscar, one sauvignon blanc for me, our meals, and a 15% tip.

All in all it was a very pleasurable dining experience and well worth it if you’re ever in downtown L.A.

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