Humans everywhere share a profound connection that very few of us take the time to contemplate. The way we birth, grow, laugh, love, age, feel, and die are all essentially the same. Our struggles and triumphs are universal. We are all equal.

Through individual portraits taken around the world, Fragments addresses how this concept affects us both on an individual level, and as part of a greater collective. Fragments documents and displays the naïve separation and similitude of people with regard to our passage through time. The lines on their faces tell their individual story, and the story of humanity as a whole.

Fragments is designed to provoke thought in the viewer about one’s consciousness, individuality vs. collectivism, how one perceives others and is perceived by others, and to become aware of one’s own separation and fragmentation of individuality from the whole that we call humanity.

Fragments was exhibited at Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland in November 2014.