Life on the Rainy Streets of Yangon

Wow! What a country to photograph. Myanmar (formerly Burma) quickly climbed the ranks to rival Vietnam as my favourite country to photograph which is probably no surprise given I’m a culture shock junkie and Myanmar only opened it’s doors to tourism very recently. I got such good street photography results there that I’m splitting the photographs across a whopping six different blog posts rather than my usual one post per country visited. If you want to get a feel for the charms of this mysterious country and why I adore it then look no further.

Yangon (formerly Rangoon) is a large city and former capital and capitals aren’t usually places I enjoy spending much time in but Yangon is a definite exception. This is the first of four blog posts I’m going to post on Yangon alone and I was only there a few days! The photographs below are from an afternoon wandering the rainy streets and side alley marketplaces of Yangon, where produce sellers set up their produce on the ground in the middle of side street alleyways in beautifully thought out patterns and are constantly having to pack up and re-set their produce every time a vehicle tries to drive down the street. It’s madness and it’s hard to see the logic in setting up market produce in the middle of busy roads but both sellers and drivers alike seem not at all bothered by it, and seemed more perturbed by my presence than by the presence of a large truck honking at them to clear their shop. It’s certainly not to be missed if you ever visit this colourful city.

What I love most about non-Western countries is just how much life is lived in the streets. This is true all over Asia and Africa but it still surprises me every time. It gives such a valuable insight into the life and culture of these countries that it makes me almost crave we did the same in Western countries so I could peel back the layers of privacy and containment and really get a feel for how people live in the likes of Europe, the States, New Zealand etc. This open chaos is what I thrive on and is the reason I travel.

My next blog post features some of my favourite images from Myanmar, taken during a day trip to the island of De La which features small village rural life in an area almost untouched by tourists.

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