Remote Year: Malaysia

It has always been my intention to write a blog post to accompany my photos from the five-week Malaysia portion of my Remote Year experience. But as I sit at Kuala Lumpar International Airport awaiting our next destination and attempt to articulate my experience using words, I find myself vehemently and frustratingly unable to do so. How do I possibly sum up the feelings, emotions and experiences that accompany living, working, and traveling with 70 complete strangers in a foreign country. Five weeks which include side-trips to New Zealand, India, Penang, Langkawi as well as hikes, temples, religious ceremonies, cultural village tours, wine tastings, karaoke, speakeasies, street food markets, spoken word performances, and a hospital visit alongside a full-time 37.5 hour a week job in a different time zone. Then there’s the people. The extroverted, introverted, hilarious, outgoing, witty, crazy, dramatic, shy, entrepreneurial, caring, open-minded, big-hearted, crass-minded, successful, and inspiring people I’ve had the pleasure of allowing into my life and heart in such a short period of time. I can’t attempt to sum these experiences up into words in any meaningful way and feel like I would be doing them a disservice to attempt it so I’m going to let my photographs, my visual reflections of the places I’ve been, tell the story for me. Let’s see what Vietnam will bring.


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